About Us



Pepper Solana was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1993. She has been singing since she was 8 and had her first band when she was 13. On stage since then.


She has been on tour, performed and recorded with artist like Tini Stoessel, Alain Pérez, Patax Band ... 

Currently based in NYC, where she has been working with Teddy Riley, Royal Bayyan (her manager), Nile Rodgers, AffinitiNYC and others. She is now working on her next solo album and planning the 2021/2022 tour.





Stephen Bolles is from Virginia and has been doing standup since 2013.


He’s a four-time winner of the Clash of the Comics at the Funny Bone, and won Funniest Under 25 at the Manhattan Comedy Festival.


Unfortunately, he’s now 28. Fortunately, in 2020 he was voted Best Stoner Comic in NYC at the first annual Bomby Awards.


And the rest of the Gang

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